Using Custom Buttons
by Michael Nuwer
To use custom buttons on your web forms, you must use
<INPUT TYPE="image" NAME="myButton" SRC="signnow.gif">

as your input tag. This tag places an image, which serves as a custom button, on an HTML form. When a user clicks the image, the form is submitted to the server.

The browser sends the input tag name as name.x and name.y with values that represent the offsets of the image. The CGI pairs will look like this: name.x=25&name.y=10. Thus, when using the “image” input type on an HTML form, your dBASE application must evaluate the name rather than the value of the name/value CGI pair. For this reason, each button on the web form should have a unique name. Your dBASE application will identify that name and use it to control the program’s flow.

On this web form each button’s name begins with the string _op_ (op for option). When the dBASE application recieves a name/value pair where left(CGIData,4) = "_op_", an option button has been found. The button name can than be saved to a memory variable which is used to control the program’s flow.

The sample program is available here.






This is the HTML for the form:
<FORM METHOD="GET" ACTION="/bulletin/VDB_CGI.exe">
<input TYPE="hidden" NAME="EXEFILENAME" VALUE=buttons.EXE>
<TD ALIGN=Center><INPUT TYPE=IMAGE NAME=_op_add SRC="bu07web4.gif" BORDER="0"><BR>Add</TD>
<TD ALIGN=Center><INPUT TYPE=IMAGE NAME=_op_edit SRC="bu07web5.gif" BORDER="0"><BR>Edit</TD>
<TD ALIGN=Center><INPUT TYPE=IMAGE NAME=_op_save SRC="bu07web6.gif" BORDER="0"><BR>Save</TD>
<TD ALIGN=Center><INPUT TYPE=IMAGE NAME=_op_abandon SRC="bu07web7.gif" BORDER="0"><BR>Abandon</TD>
<TD ALIGN=Center><INPUT TYPE=IMAGE NAME=_op_delete SRC="bu07web8.gif" BORDER="0"><BR>Delete</TD>