Manipulating Names
by Peter Rorlick [dBVIPS], co-founder of  Montreal Business Software. He has been developing xbase solutions since 1981.
IF YOU’VE DEVELOPED database applications, then most likely you’ve dealt with the issue of getting people’s names into and out of a database.  User names, customer names, contact names — these are things that are commonly found in the applications we create.

Usually, when people’s names are stored in a table, they’re stored in two fields, something like this:

 Field name  Type  Length
 FirstName   Character   20
 LastName   Character   20

We can certainly live with that scheme, but it comes with two drawbacks:

A new approach

What if we were to store our names in a single field:

 Field name  Type  Length
 Name  Character   25

…where they would be stored in the format: LastName, FirstName?

What advantages does this give us?