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Welcome to the users and developers of all versions of dBASE, Visual dBASE and dB2K !

In the past, finding dBASE resources on the Web was no easy task.

Of course, some Web sites are referenced on the dBASE Inc Web site (www.dbase.com). Also, some developers maintain HTML pages where they list links to other Web sites where they have found valuable resources.

However, all this information is scattered and not always easy to get to. Of course, search engines and directories can help, but the useful information is almost lost in the midle of a large number of unrelated links.

The purpose of this "ring" is to reference all these Web sites into what can be pictured as a very special network inside the overall World Wide Web: The dBASE WebRing.

This page is the entrance door to the dBASE WebRing.

If you want to know more about the WebRing functioning, you can visit the WebRing site : www.webring.com.

You are welcome to send suggestions or comments to the ringmaster, François Ghoche at dBASE-ringfghoche.com.

If you want to register a Web site in the ring, the next section is for you. I you just want to have a ride in the dBASE WebRing, you can skip to the links.

What kind of sites qualify to be part of the dBASE ring ?

The main rule is very simple: the candidate Web site must propose resources, applications or services related to dBASE.

To ensure the good reputation of the ring, every member sites must meet some criteria of quality and good standing.

The second rule is that the ring's webmaster ( the ringmaster) is responsible for ensuring the candidates and members Web sites meets these quality criteria.

Rule number three is that the candidate site must include the HTML code which shall be provided to all members of the ring. This code will link to random members sites in the ring, as well as to the list of all the member sites. It will also include a link to this Ring homepage to enable submitting new sites for membership.

The provided HTML code must be included in the top page dealing with dBASE on the candidate site. If the site is entirely devoted to dBASE the code must be included in the site's index page (home page). The code can be included in several pages of the candidate site if the site's webmaster feels it is appropriate.

If you agree with these rules with no restrictions, please proceed to the next step and fill-in the form to register your candidate Web site in the queue. The webmaster of the submitted site will then be informed of the decision to accept it's membership after it had been checked to be compliant. To join, click on the following URL and then press the join button on the dBASE WebRing hub page: Click here for the dBASE WebRing hub page


In order to qualify, you have to insert a "WebRing navigation fragment code" in your site's pages, as stated in rule #3. The desired result of this JavaScript code is a set of navigation links as shown below.

You will be able to get the appropriate HTML code when you join, or else on your personal WebRing page, when you edit your web site's information data in the dBASE WebRing.

This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

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